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Humanity Anonymous

This is my name.

I am a human.

I’m responsible for the whole humanity.

And I will act accordingly.

Humanity Anonymous is a Turkish science fiction novel, set in the year 5000 A.D.

Humanity has terraformed and spread over 200 planets, and the main governing body is called the Union, which encompasses over 2 trillion people and their local governments (planets or systems) within the galaxy. The Union’s Parliament is located on Earth. The representative system is called the “supra-rep” or “hyper-rep”, where the individual representatives from the local systems monitor the public opinion of their constituencies via the “rep-chips”, which are installed in their brains and enable them to receive the results and changes of local opinion polls on various matters, ranging from small local issues to wide Union policy matters. The representatives take the public opinion into consideration, but are free in their voting. Of course, their overall performance is measured in their local elections by the people.

One main group is called the Humanity Anonymous (as the book’s title), which is a social and philosophical movement that has followers throughout the Union. However, the centre of the Humanity Anonymous (H.A.) is located at the planet Uradia, which has been populated by the movement’s followers within the last millenium. Uradia also boasts to have an outstanding University, which attracts top-notch scientists from all over the galaxy.

A concealed Project is being run by the H.A., known by only a few hundred people and kept secret from the rest of the Union, and even the people of Uradia. This Project involves establishing a wormhole connection to a habitable planet (named Aaru) in the distant past, and a gradual, one-way “journey” of H.A. members through the connection to start and build a new community, away from the rest of humanity.

The Union, on the other hand, has its suspicions about the intents of H.A., although it has no concrete knowledge about the Project. A young agent named Hilkat is recruited by the head of the General Intelligence organisation himself, and transformed only for the job of infiltrating H.A. and finding out their true plans. Hilkat is irreversibly and radically transformed to Juna, a young academician already invited to join the Uradia University. Juna starts her new mission in Uradia, and has to conform to (and become) her new identity convincingly so that she can learn the truth about the Project.

Meanwhile, IDs, which are software fragments talented and powerful enough to create the illusion of real humans, and careful enough to not being detected by others, live among humans, indistinguishable from the general population. Three people suspect their existence by connecting the loose dots: a news reporter who gets killed in a suspicious accident, her hacker friend who disappears after the accident, and a low-ranked and disillusioned operative in an under-developed planet.

The IDs, who want to stay concealed, start a manhunt to erase the knowledge of their existence. This struggle is not about just a few people, but is part of a much grander truth about humanity, and is deeply intertwined with the struggle between H.A. and the Union.

As the H.A. members continue to populate Aaru, an intelligent native species –  unsuspected by the humans – is observing the newcomers and trying to decide about their intentions. Although Earth-like in appearance, the morphology and species of Aaru may be more dangerous than humans can ever imagine.

As the events unfold on all fronts, the separate threads come together in a grand finale, where the major events reach to a climax and Juna is faced with a shocking revelation.

Humanity Anonymous, a first novel by Badahan Canatan, has been published in Turkish in June 2009.


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